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Professional Classes (Classes for Hairstylists and Beauty School Students)


Are you a professional hairstylist or a beauty school student looking to learn more about natural hair care and styling methods? Are you a salon owner looking to expand your salon team in more knowledge and information about natural hair styling and hair care? If so, contact me for pricing, scheduling, and more details of what each class has to offer.


1. Curly Cuts and Curl Defining Method

2. Twist Classes 

3. Rod Setting on Natural Hair


Nonprofessional Classes

Are you new to being "natural" and in need of help on navigating through understanding your hair? Yes you aren't hairstylist, but you should be able to understand your hair and know the basics of hair care in between your salon visits. Email me to find out more information and how to schedule your one-on-one hair care class.  

1. Basic hair care lesson

2. Basic hair styling lessons

3. Braid/Twist Class


Mentoring Program

Did you recently graduate beauty school and need help figuring out your next steps? Life after beauty school can be hard to navigate. But with my mentoring program, it just got so much easier. Go beyond just hair styling skills, but into the skills that beauty school didn’t tell you about. Email me to find out more info!

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